ellison is committed to responsible travel, business and community.

We strive to be responsible global citizens – socially and environmentally conscious of our precious planet, its people and its resources. We are acutely aware of the powerful impact our business has on not only our travellers but the environment, people, and communities that we visit. We have the responsibility to leave a positive impact by supporting the well-being of local economies, partnering with responsible travel providers and charity organizations who share similar values, and reducing our footprint where possible.

As a business, we strive to ensure an inclusive and equitable environment for our staff, and promote the importance of health and well-being of our people, of our local economy and the broader community. Giving back to the causes we believe in, as well as our local business community is ingrained in who we are. Further, we are committed to leading by example.

positive travel impact

Travel and tourism has the incredible power to transform people and communities. It also has the ability to exploit communities, people, and the natural environment. As a tour operator, we recognize our unique privilege and responsibility to promote and contribute to positive social and economic change through travel and tourism globally.

As a company, we are committed to our own ongoing education of regenerative travel principles and opportunities, to help ensure we are leaving a positive impact on local communities through travel experiences we provide.

As a business, we consciously choose travel and tourism suppliers who share similar values, operate business responsibly, and have an appreciation and respect for people, wildlife and the planet.

We partner with organizations including Tourism Cares and Sustainable Travel International, who are committed to changing the world through travel, and protecting and conserving vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact, for the better. We support carbon-offsetting initiatives and conservation projects through Sustainable Travel International, in an effort to reduce our footprint. Lastly, we are firm believers that every little bit helps, and there are many small things we can do individually to travel better.

Our team is a proud supporter of the Terry Fox Foundation in its ongoing work to fund innovative and progressive cancer research programs. Annually since 1982, Ellison employees across Canada lace up to join the run, all with the common goal to “make cancer history”.

responsible business & COMMUNITY

As a business, we strive to ensure an inclusive, diverse and equitable environment for our staff, and promote the importance of health and well-being of our people, our local economy and the broader community. We take our role seriously – as an employer, travel service provider, local business community and supporter, and global travel industry partner.


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giving back

Giving back is in our fabric – Ellison and our employees are proud to be ongoing supporters of many causes near and dear to our hearts. During it’s 20-year span, the Ellison Travel & Tours Annual Charity Golf Classic raised over $150,000 for local and national charities, many of which we continue to support to this day. Our commitment to giving extends to an international level, including support of projects aimed at reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa through the Stephen Lewis Foundation, as well as Sustainable Travel International’s Carbon Offset Projects focusing on forests, energy and blue carbon, in the fight against climate change. Further, as part of our commitment to ongoing education, Ellison awards annual scholarships to secondary students including the Ellison Student Scholarship (for post-secondary education), and Ellison MusicFest Scholarships. As a founding sponsor of the STYA Youth Foundation and a charter sponsor of the Mary Lynn Higgins Youth Fund, we continue to drive forward our commitment to opening minds and hearts through travel.

For more information on Ellison’s Scholarships, visit: ellisontravel.com/ellison-tours/scholarships/