Travel Insurance

Take a moment to see what this insurance covers and the services it provides you and your family. The cost of insurance is much less compared to the financial loss if you have to interrupt or cancel your entire trip unexpectedly*. The cost of this insurance is also small in comparison to the potential costs of an unexpected medical emergency in a foreign country*.
* Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.

StandbyMD is included with Manulife World Travel Insurance. These Medical Concierge Services are available to you when you travel to the U.S., Mexico or the Dominican Republic and they include:
• Physician Telephone Consultation 24/7 by a qualified physician
• 24/7 same-day coordination and delivery of lost/forgotten prescription maintenance medication, eye glasses or contact lenses and medical supplies.
• 24/7 medical referrals to medical specialists, chiropractors, dentists, walk-in clinics, urgent care centres or hospitals for evaluation and medical treatment
• 24/7 access to physician house call visits in select cities
• Physician co-ordination to an Emergency Room
• Consulting Physician will “Fast Track” you through the Emergency Room in select cities
• Consulting Physician will communicate with the hospital to ensure continuity of care

Wondering what’s covered by your credit card and knowing what protection your credit card offers can save you money. Credit Card insurance covers more than you think. If your flight is delayed, you could be reimbursed for meals and accommodation. Recover the costs of a stolen laptop within several months after having purchased it with a credit card. However, overestimating your insurance coverage can lead to horror cost scenarios. For example, not every card with travel protection will pay for your medical bills abroad. Find out what coverage you have with this handy Credit Card Navigator.


5 questions to ask yourself
before travelling

  • If something unexpected were to happen during your trip, do you know who you would call for worldwide assistance?

  • If your travelling companion had an unexpected medical emergency during your trip, would you know who to call for managed care or to arrange an air ambulance to a hospital near home, if necessary? Would hospital bills be paid up front?

  • If you missed a substantial portion of your trip due to bad weather and wanted to return home, would you be reimbursed for your unused trip investment, including any insured taxes?

  • If you or a family member suddenly became too sick to travel just before your trip, would you be reimbursed by a cheque or just a travel credit voucher for future travel?
  • If you needed help in a foreign country, to replace lost credit cards or your passport, would you know who to call for assistance and how to arrange to get you back home, 24/7 with a toll-free call?