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5 questions to ask yourself
before travelling

  • If something unexpected were to happen during your trip, do you know who you would call for worldwide assistance?

  • If your travelling companion had an unexpected medical emergency during your trip, would you know who to call for managed care or to arrange an air ambulance to a hospital near home, if necessary? Would hospital bills be paid up front?

  • If you missed a substantial portion of your trip due to bad weather and wanted to return home, would you be reimbursed for your unused trip investment, including any insured taxes?

  • If you or a family member suddenly became too sick to travel just before your trip, would you be reimbursed by a cheque or just a travel credit voucher for future travel?
  • If you needed help in a foreign country, to replace lost credit cards or your passport, would you know who to call for assistance and how to arrange to get you back home, 24/7 with a toll-free call?