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While many people have been on huge cruise ships traversing an ocean, a river cruise is a much different way to travel, especially to Southeast Asia. Doug Ellison, president and CEO of Ellison Travel & Tours, says these days the public is searching for more of an adventure, as well as a connection to some of the faraway lands they are visiting.

A river cruise to the Far East will satisfy both wishes. “The river cruises in this part of the world are quite different from what you would see on a European river cruise,” Ellison says. “The homes, vegetation, temples and accommodations are a whole different experience entirely.”

Two waterways that will make a huge impression on travellers are the 4.300- kilometre Mekong River that will take you through Vietnam and Cambodia, and the Irrawaddy River that flows through Myanmar and has culturally diverse populations living along its banks.

A river cruise will allow you to see and interact with some of the people living along the rivers, including farmers, fishers and shop owners selling wares at floating markets. It’s estimated that 70 million people live along the Mekong river basin region.

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