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Cosmos know why you travel. Cosmos know that another day in an amazing destination means more to you than a fancy chocolate on your pillow! Cosmos still insist that you enjoy comfortable, clean, and attractive hotels; a professional Tour Director; guided sightseeing of must-see sights with knowledgeable Local Guides; occasional meals; and seamless transportation that makes getting there half the fun! And with so many other Cosmos destinations around every corner of the world (Europe, North America, South & Central America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand), it’s easy to turn “wish I could” into “glad I did.” Go ahead, open the door when adventure knocks!



No one brings your dream trip closer to reality than Cosmos. Cosmos invented affordable touring more than 50 years ago, and today they are better than ever at bringing you the world on a budget. Let Cosmos help you discover new places and unique experiences, or turn your bucket wish list into a “been there done that” list. All with the confidence and affordability that only the expert in budget touring can bring. Because Cosmos specializes in packaged travel arrangements, they have clout with suppliers that allows them to show you some of the world’s most incredible cities and sites at a remarkable price. Their fantastic Cosmos vacations are within reach starting at just $100 per day. It’s just another way Cosmos makes your dream adventure a reality!



While you’re no doubt dreaming of the red-tiled rooftops of Italy, the smooth whiskies of Scotland, and the dramatic waters of the Pacific Northwest, wait no more for the green light to pack your bags and go! As you turn from armchair traveller to active explorer, it’s natural to crave the roads less traveled. Open the door to the undiscovered treasures of the world – the coasts without crowds, the towns without traffic, and the thrilling sights without the throngs. Cosmos's exclusive collection of Undiscovered Tours invites you to trade the roar of Rome for the tranquility of Tuscany in Italy, the clamor of crowds for the calm of the British countryside, and the congested cities of North America for the crowd-pleasing gems in your own backyard. Cosmos Undiscovered Tours lead you off the beaten piazzas and down the cobblestones less travelled, getting you up close to the untouched, the unspoiled, and the unexpected, all while meeting your expectations of nothing less than extraordinary.

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