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Yukon Adventure

11-day Women’s Tour

July 21 – 31, 2022

BE Awed in the Yukon

Come on Up North where words like large, vast, and giant can barely describe this mighty place. Its stunningly unique geography astounds with its majestic mountains, untamed wildlife and jewel-toned lakes and rivers.

Explore the spectacular landscapes of Kluane National Park and Tombstone Territorial Park at a more intimate level on several guided hikes. Paddle calm waters of the legendary Yukon River past beautiful unspoiled wilderness. Learn about the harmonious relationship Indigenous Peoples have with the earth, their culture, past way of life, traditions and stories.

The Yukon isn’t all about jaw-dropping natural beauty. Explore Whitehorse’s lovely artist galleries, savour a coffee, and sip on a local craft brew. In Dawson City be charmed by the Goldrush era buildings and tour the historic goldfields where 100,000 prospectors tried to strike it rich. Spend an evening at the famous Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall and try a Can Can kick and a Sourtoe Cocktail – perhaps not in that order!

With up to 24 hours of sunshine in the summer, the Midnight Sun shines day and night giving us lots of time to take in the Yukon in all its splendor. Our BE Tour Manager, Liz Chase, has travelled to the Yukon several times – the light, the landscapes, the activities, the people, the frontier all hold a special magic in her heart. We invite you to bring your adventurous spirit and join Liz and the friendly, travelling band of Broad Escapes women on a Canadian journey Up North to find your magic!