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9-day Women’s Tour

September 8 – 16, 2022

Compact in size but grand beyond measure, Switzerland impresses! Majestic mountain peaks rise from lush green fields and forested mountainsides, sapphire blue lakes glimmer, and storybook medieval cities and towns envelope you in their charm. Zurich has a heart from the Middle Ages where iconic St. Peter’s church keeps you on Swiss time with the largest clock face in Europe. Lucerne’s natural beauty and jaw-dropping scenery will leave you in awe the minute you step foot in this medieval town. The journey is part of the adventure in Switzerland! By boat, foot, cogwheel railway, cableway, gondola, coach and train you’ll cross azure Lake Lucerne, step through the lovely town of Interlaken, summit famous peaks such as Mt. Pilatus and the Eiger and explore the Jungfrau region known as the Top of Europe. Savour your taste buds with cheese and chocolate, Switzerland’s best and most delicious reasons to visit! UNESCO World Heritage sites, graceful charm and iconic architecture of the past are all part of this female-friendly itinerary.

BE dazzled by Switzerland’s magnificent scenery, fairy-tale medieval cities and towns, beautiful, bright, clean, precise. BE swept away by this wonderland!

But hurry, space is limited to 16 travellers!