August 14 – 23, 2022(SOLD OUT)

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Newfoundland – as far from Disneyland as you can get.

In Newfoundland, the way of life is a little different. The locals take what each day has to offer and don’t wait for a reason to celebrate.

If you travel off the beaten path, you never know who you’ll bump into, but in Newfoundland, “friendly faces” will greet you everywhere. From fish, fun, and folk, to trails, rant and roars, to songs, stages, and seafood – Newfoundlanders tends to get carried away.

Keep in mind that accommodations in some of the areas we are visiting are basic, but clean.

Newfoundland is a diverse region whose activities and attractions can change as quickly as the weather, so our itinerary is subject to change.

The McCarthy family have been loyal friends of mine for so many years. They know Newfoundland better than anyone else. I will be sending a very hospitable host to travel with you, and once you arrive in Newfoundland, the staff from McCarthy’s Party will take over and treat you like family.

What’s the best thing about waking up to the first sunrise in North America? It’s anything but ordinary.

A thrilling adventure awaits, with extra included “SURPRISES” along the way!

See for yourself in Newfoundland.

Bradley Walters