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Mesmerizing Morocco

14-day Women’s Tour

APRIL 22 – MAY 6, 2023

We invite you to embark on this culturally immersive 15-day tour into the heart of exotic Morocco. Whether you’re stargazing in the Sahara, breaking bread with the locals or exploring fabled ruins, Morocco is filled to the brim with soul-stirring moments. Join us as we journey through buzzing cities, tranquil oasis, vast deserts, and laidback beaches. Explore Meknes’s lively labyrinthine medina, the magnificent architecture and bustling souks of Marrakech and the relaxed seaside town of Essaouira. Meet carpet merchants, haggle in the bazaars, and learn about the tribal traditions of the nomadic Berbers. Eat pastilla in the home of a Fes family and spend an unforgettable evening in a Sahara Desert camp. We invite you to join us under the North African sky on our Mesmerizing Morocco tour.

But hurry, this exotic and legendary trip is limited to 15 travellers. Book now!