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Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda

13-day Women’s Tour

March 5-17, 2023

BEAdventurous on our Mountain Gorilla Safari Adventure!

Winston Churchill once stated that “Uganda is the Pearl of Africa” and we couldn’t agree more. Uganda is where East and West Africa collide. Be prepared to excite your senses and peak your desire for adventure. With lush green landscapes and warm, welcoming locals there is so much exploration packed into one small country. Experience the authenticity of Uganda on this unforgettable customized Broad Escapes tour.

There is no short supply of animals as you visit the largest National Park in Uganda, Murchinson Falls. Getting up close to Murchinson Falls allows you to sense its power and see its unbelievable beauty. Trek Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, following them as they swing through the treetops. Catch a glimpse of the famous tree climbing lions as you take a game drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park. Trekking Gorillas will be the ultimate wildlife experience, getting so close you can observe their features and experience their daily rituals. Rich in cultural history you will experience the many traditions that remain strong still today by visiting local villages and engaging with the people. Meet local women who trust that everyone has the power and potential to change their life, regardless of their challenges.

With expert guides leading the way, you will realize why Uganda has all the best that Africa has to offer on this exclusive BE Uganda – Mountain Gorilla Safari Adventure tour!

This very intimate travel experience will have a maximum of 11 travellers so don’t miss out, book today!

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