Culturally Immersive Japan

October 19-31, 2023

Experience Japan – A timeless place where ancient traditions collide with modern life. At first glance, Japan appears incredibly modern but, travelling around will prove the connection this country has to its past customs.

Visit magnificent shrines, temples, castles, and neighbourhoods old and new, revealing the enchanting colourful regions that Japan has to offer. Meander through tranquil gardens, designed for meditation and harmony. Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony with complex rituals deeply linked by culture and tradition. Dine with a Geisha! Stroll through the towns of Takayama and Kanazawa, well preserved from the Edo period. Explore new taste sensations on a foodie walking tour. Stay in a traditional ryokan and relax at the end of the day with a soak in a natural hot spring. Engage with local villagers and artisans. Have lunch with a local farming community. Learn the art of ‘makizushi’ (making sushi) with a hands-on workshop and participate in a silk-dying workshop. Speed along on the bullet train to Tokyo. Delight in the high-tech immersive art of TeamLab’s digital art museum Tokyo where your interaction immediately changes your surroundings. Explore this incredible city’s most famous areas day and night from traditional to quirky, to sophisticated and beyond. 
With expert guides leading the way, enjoy this culturally charged, well rounded, spiritually stimulated tour of Japan!

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