Small Group Customized Tour

Resting on the rim of the Arctic Circle, Iceland boasts some of the most dramatic, breathtaking scenery on the planet.  Catering to all types of travellers, it is a country full of contrast and diversity.  Offering glacier hikes, imposing waterfalls, picturesque drives, hot Springs, Viking horses, trendy cities, creative cuisine and quirky tales of trolls and elves, Iceland really has a little something for everyone.   

 Our tours are personalized to match your wants and desires.  Whether you choose to take the bestknown routes or discover a path less travelled, we will take the time to recognize your needs and perfect a journey that is solely yours.  Our aim is to design your dream trip and offer you the opportunity to experience Iceland in a flexible way. 

With unbelievable guides and our vast knowledge of Iceland, we can confidently design a tour which will leave you feeling refreshed and alive – that is our promise to you!