Cultural & Arts Trip to Iqaluit & Pangnirtung, Nunavut

7 Day* Customized Tour for Groups

Iqaluit Map

Upon arrival in Iqaluit, enjoy a lamp lighting ceremony and traditional Inuit welcome. Enjoy a guided tour of Pangnirtung, fondly called “Pang” for short – which is an artistic community, famous for the quality of its woven tapestries and lithographic prints, situated on a beautiful fiord in scenic mountainous terrain that is very popular with hikers, climbers and skiers. You will have time to explore local art studios and artist locations to view the artwork and meet with artists. “Qaujmajatugangit” meaning ‘tradtional knowledge is passed from generation to generation to generation through both the spoken word, and by teaching the skills to create beautiful handmade tools and objects. Art has become an ideal way to showcase and preserve their synergistic relationship with the land and wildlife of the Arctic. Partake in a guided tour of Iqaluit where you will learn highlights about the town’s history, its unique northern characteristics and you will get some insight into what life is like in this unique Inuit community. In the evening you will enjoy a visit to a local community centre and partake in some Inuit games! Enjoy time at the Auyuittug National Park – the word “Auyuittuq” is an Inuktitut word meaning ‘the land that never melts’. In the afternoon you will participate in a printmaking workshop and stone carving demonstration. You will have a tour of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut followed by a visit to a local school. You will participate in a traditional igloo building workshop where you will learn how to select the best snow, cut your own snow blocks and practice block placement using your Panna (snow knife). Later in the evening depart on a hunt for Aurora Borealis by getting out of the city so you can have a better view, and don’t forget your cameras! A self-guided visit of the Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park contains unique plant life varieties such as the woodsia fern, one of the rarest plants in the country. Several kinds of arctic wildlife can be viewed in the park, including caribou in the winter and spring, arctic hares, arctic foxes, plus dozens of different species of birds. At the Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre you will listen to presentations and view the 2400 pound marble drum dancer. Come away from this tour with a greater understanding of the Great White North!


Lamp Lighting Ceremony & Traditional Inuit Welcome | Guided Tour of Pangnirtung, visits to art studios, Guided Tour of Iqaluit | Auyuittug National Park, Printmaking Workshop| Stonecarving Demonstration | Tour of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut | Visit to Innksuk High School Raditional Igloo Building Workshop | Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park | Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre






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