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Tropical Island Sunset from a gazebo in the Caribbean, Jamaica

Sean Siddiqi Recommends…

Sean Recommends a trip to Jamaica!

“Jamaica.  An island not to be missed!  After visiting this fascinating place over a dozen times I still can’t wait for the next time I land back into this paradise.  A true gem in the Caribbean that features everything from delicious gastronomy to picturesque white sand beaches.  The unique culture of this island will have you wanting to learn more about the small islands’ diversity.  With over 50 all-inclusive resorts here, there is something for everyone.  You can park yourself at the resort and relax on the beach or you can seek more adventure on excursions.  There are several excursions to choose from such as climbing the Dunn’s river falls to taking a relaxed bamboo raft ride along the Martha Brae river.  The luminous lagoon is a must see where you can swim in the glistening water at night!  Only one of a few places in the world where you can experience this.  After visiting the island numerous times I can help you with your plans here.  From picking the resorts to touring the island.  I have sent hundreds of clients to this stunning island and have tons of feedback that will help me plan a perfect vacation for you.”