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On this National Travel Agent Day (and every day), we want to show our thanks to those across the travel industry (and in particular, our amazing ET team!) for the work that they do, and for enduring the most difficult year in recent history.

For those working – thank you for persevering through this pandemic, and for your unwavering dedication and commitment to your clients. Thank you for the long hours, working through the high volume of calls and emails, and rising to each new daily challenge that presents itself. You have worked tirelessly to bring clients home, process cancellations, refunds, credits, insurance claims and future re-bookings, all while navigating the constantly changing government and industry regulations and helping to ensure the safety and best interests of your clients. Thank you for this.

To those across the industry who have faced the challenge of not working during this time due to COVID-19, please know that in time our world will open up for travel, your services and skills will be valued more than ever, and you will get back to doing what you love and do best.

To all of our travel professionals at Ellison Travel & Tours. We are so grateful for all that you do – thank you for always being there for your clients at the best of times, and at the worst of times…true professionals who do our company proud with your continued support, compassion and dedication. Thank you for being true ambassadors of Ellison and of our industry. Together, we will emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever and continue opening minds and hearts through travel.

With sincerest gratitude,

Ellison Travel & Tours.