Tim Gilbert

Tour Manager |

In 2014 I retired from a 33-year career in education, including 25 years as Head of Music and Arts at Stratford Central Secondary School. During that time I planned, organized and directed over 20 successful music trips with my bands and choirs with the professional assistance of Ellison Tours.

My ensembles have toured and performed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, and the Czech Republic, as well as in New York, Washington, Chicago, Boston and Montreal. My wife Nancy and I have also organized and led tours to Scotland and New York with our adult church choir. I have always felt that the combination of music and travel was the perfect career; preparing music and then sharing it in famous locations with audiences around the world.

In my two years as a tour manager with Ellison Tours I have escorted student and adult groups to England, Wales, Scotland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Chicago and Ottawa. I look forward to working with you and your groups!