Tasha Whitfield

Corporate Account Manager | Year Started in travel: 2003

Travel bug (trav-uh l-buhg): a wicked bug which has a tendency of biting curious minds. They say, a single bite is strong enough to transform the victim’s mind and life forever.

I fell victim to the travel bug in 2003 after graduating with a degree in Business & Finance. Not quite ready to launch into the world of business, I took a detour into the travel and meetings industry and never looked back. My experience as a meeting and event planner allowed me the opportunity not only to travel from coast to coast and continent to continent, but it also gave me the unique understanding of the meticulous planning necessary to ensure the success of group travel. From ensuring a corporate traveler makes it to the meeting on time to coordinating flights and hotel for 2500 conference attendees, every detail matters.

That experience led me to Ellison Travel & Tours in 2006. Working in business development alongside a team of dedicated travel planners, on countless student and adult tours, I have seen firsthand how one Broadway show, one significant landmark or one performance on the stage of a National music competition can transform one’s mind and life forever.

As a seasoned traveler I have been fortunate enough to visit many fascinating destinations around the globe. From the bustling cities of New York and Paris, to the serene landscapes of Hawaii and the historic canals of Venice. I do not believe the destination matters the most, however. It is the power of  travel to bring people together, open minds and hearts, and create lasting memories. I am grateful for the opportunity be a part of creating lasting memories in so many lives!

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