I just got home yesterday from Vancouver and the MusicFest Canada event. The Terrace Symphony Orchestra members would like to both thank and commend your team for doing an EXCELLENT job in arranging the hotel accommodations. Everything ran very smoothly, and it was easy to walk to the performance venue in 5 minutes, even with a cello in tow! The Airport Hilton was great, and the staff very pleasant. I was amazed at the scope of the entire event, and it must have taken you and your staff many hours planning the whole thing. Thank you again for making our stay in Richmond such a pleasure

Bonnie Juniper, Terrace Symphony Orchestra, Terrace, B.C., MusicFest Canada

It was good coming home and one day later checking the emails and finding your friendly words. Believe me, we owe you a lot for preparing that trip for us in such a perfect way. It was the basis for a wonderful experience in a so far unknown country. The students are still excited and talking about all their adventures

Michael Puritscher, Akademisches Gymnasium, Innsbruck, Austria, Canadian Study Tour of Quebec and Ontario

We booked with Ellison Tours because you listened first and then put together a package that included all that we needed. The trip went seamlessly. You listened to our needs. The students were educated, shared their music and enjoyed each other without realizing all of the details that went into the tour. Many things were included that I didn’t know we needed until we arrived. Shelly Harris was absolutely fabulous. Thank you!

Jeff Collier, Minico High School Rupert, Indiana, USA, Vancouver/Seattle Trip

Shelley Harris

Group Travel Planner | Year Started in travel: 2000

I joined the Ellison Travel & Tours team in August 2000 after graduating from the Travel and Tourism program at Seneca College. As I have always loved to travel, I knew this was this was the career for me!

My travel experience includes Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Moose Factory, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Seattle, New York, Florida, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

I look forward to working with you and making your trip a memorable one!

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