Nancy Irons-Murray

Tour Manager |

As a Tour Manager for Ellison, I am able to combine my passion for teaching, history and travel.

After a career in the Thames Valley Board, I taught history in Italy for 5 years and have been able to explore most European countries.  In addition, my personal travels have taken me to India, Costa Rica, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Ireland, Morocco and Egypt.

I am always touched when a group of teenagers are struck silent with the awareness of massive sacrifices of young men in quiet corners of a foreign country or equally awed by a gothic cathedral or great work of art.  History, art, architecture and music come alive when experienced and live in the stories of people involved.   I love the opportunity that travel provides for self-discovery and growth as well as expanding our understanding of the lives and situations of others around the world.

“Life is not measured by the breathes we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away”.