MusicFest – Well done! Superior to other tours and trips we have experienced.

Gordon Mitchell, Unionville Montessori School

Toronto – For the first trip I have planned, Ellison was very helpful and patient. I liked the binder…. very helpful and helped me be more secure

Michele Nicholson, Upper Thames Public School

Montreal – We had an extremely great trip. The kids are still talking about their experiences and I am sure that they will never forget their trip to Montreal. Thank-you so much for making this trip a reality for us.  We will certainly consider Ellison again in 2 years!

Ken Millin, Jacob Bean Public School

MusicFest – Lindsay worked hard in the short amount of time she had. She got things out quickly and was organized. She was great as she made sure to follow up on our progress

Marielle Bisnaire, St. Joseph’s Catholic High School

Lindsay Lafontaine

Group Travel Planner | Year Started in travel: 2007

After graduating from the Travel and Tourism program at Westervelt College I joined the Ellison Travel & Tours team in 2007.  As a group tour planner I have had the pleasure to customize numerous music & educational tours to places all over the United States and Canada including but not limited to Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, New York City, Boston and Chicago. I have been fortunate to have travelled to many cities throughout North America and the Caribbean.

I believe that people learn a great deal through their experiences. It is a great reward for me to be able to give students the opportunity to learn and grow while visiting the many different places and cultures this world has to offer.

I look forward to working with you to make your next group tour a very memorable one!

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