Cathy Ellison

Senior Manager Marketing & Musicfest | Year Started in travel: 1997

I joined Ellison Travel & Tours in 1997 and have watched it grow and develop into one of Canada’s leading travel companies in an industry where the competition ranges from the massive internationally owned travel corporations, to the solo travel agent working from home to the global network of search engines that the internet offers. What makes Ellison Travel & Tours unique is its three divisions, Group, Vacation and Corporate, that work together and support each other to provide a quality travel experience for vacationing individuals, corporate meeting planners and school and community groups travelling worldwide. Ellison Travel & Tours is one of a few Canadian owned travel companies and our main focus is you, the client. Creating memories that last is our promise to you!

I am pleased to oversee the coordination of the housing, special events and planning of tours to Canada’s largest annual festival, MusicFest Nationals. Ellison Travel & Tours has been packaging tours to MusicFest since 1992 and is the housing bureau and official travel agent for the Nationals, a six day event that brings together more than 9000 young musicians to showcase their talents. As a tour operator, our goal is to design a tour for each group that provides the attendees with time to explore the city they are visiting, learn about its history and social development while enjoying its’ sights and attractions. Our role as housing bureau ensures the groups attending have adequate accommodation close to the venue at a reasonable price. We inspect and contract hotels and performance space for the festival for our groups as well as other tour operators and groups attending the festival and would be pleased to assist your group.

As well as travelling for business and personal vacation, I have had the tremendous opportunity to host and travel with some of our escorted tour groups to amazing destinations worldwide, including cruising the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Egypt and China. I’ve visited many areas of the USA and travel frequently across Canada.

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