Catherine Mathieu

Travel Advisor, Exeter | Year Started in travel: 2008

As a travel advisor, I enjoy helping coordinate and plan for your dream vacations whether it’s European cultural and wine adventures, beach vacations, girlfriend getaways, or golf trips.  I bring a high level of service and quality to help realize your travel dreams and create unforgettable memories!

Travel is at the top of my bucket list. I have had the pleasure of travelling to worldly destinations; my first overseas trip to Japan and Saipan in the Marianas Islands, as well as France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Uganda.  I recently enjoyed a Danube River Cruise. I travelled to Prague for the pre-cruise package, and cruised from Vilshoven to Budapest, visiting Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.  I have been to many sun destinations such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Florida and Vegas.  I have also travelled to 8 out of 10 provinces and the territory of Nunavut in our amazing country of Canada. My next adventure is a 2-week trip to Greece, visiting Athens, Peloponnese peninsula, Naxos and Crete. Another checked item off my bucket list!

I combine my passion for travel with over 15 years of experience as a Conference, Visits and Events Manager, travelling with international dignitaries’ delegations and high government officials. I’ve also dealt with the planning, coordinating, and troubleshooting the logistics and hospitality components of several trips and conferences. I am a seasoned world traveller and love planning trips; Researching all details from airfare, ground travel between destinations, hotels, neighbourhoods to stay in; Creating itineraries that include activities and excursions, and landmarks to visit, providing lots of free time to experience the sites of the local destination.

My travel planning skills and research expertise ensures thoughtfully organized, special and memorable holidays. Let me help you plan your dream vacations and business travel!

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